Wednesday, October 31, 2012

DW Women in Law Profile – Cynthia Moore

Every month on DW Women in Law Blog, we will profile one of our female attorneys to give you a perspective of who they are and the work they do.

For Cyndi Moore, Member and Practice Department Manager for Employee Benefits, Estate Planning, Gaming, Healthcare, Immigration, and Tax, you can say life has come full circle. After leaving her home state of Michigan for a teaching job in Texas and then a career change into law, she found herself back in Michigan pursuing a career that has an impact on millions of worker’s employee benefits.

“When I graduated in the late 1970s from Alma College the economy was roughly in the same shape as it is now,” said Cyndi as we chatted in a conference room in the Troy, Mich. office. “Everybody was leaving Michigan to find a job. I found myself teaching in Houston, Texas with a lot of other teachers that left their home states.”

Cyndi soon decided that she wanted to make a career change away from teaching and found herself studying law at the University of Texas-Austin. Before graduation, she interviewed with Dickinson Wright in Detroit and after the firm made an offer she and her husband packed their bags and moved back home to Michigan.

It is at Dickinson Wright that Cyndi found her practice area expertise in employee benefits. One of the firm’s major clients decided to restructure its entire employee benefit plan program and Cyndi became one of a team of attorneys working on the design and implementation of the new program. It took two years and countless hours before the project was complete, but in the interim Cyndi learned the ins and outs of employee benefit plans and how to make them effective for employers and their workers.

“I have to say some of my favorite parts of being a lawyer are the intellectual challenge and writing aspects,” says Cyndi. “But, at the end of the day, my favorite part is knowing that I’m helping my clients provide benefits such as retirement and medical plans that will make people’s lives better, now and in the future.”

On top of her own thriving practice, Cyndi is Practice Department Manager for a group of attorneys with practices that range from employee benefits to estate planning to healthcare to taxation.

Looking back, everything has come full circle for Cyndi. From Michigan to Texas and back again, Cyndi is working to ensure that her clients’ employee benefits plans support the needs of business and workers alike in today’s changing world.

To learn more about Cyndi Moore and her practice, click on her biography here.