Wednesday, February 20, 2013

DW Women in Law Profile – Michelle Alamo

For Michelle Alamo a career in law was something that she always felt was in her blood. Her inspiration? L.A. Law, the 1980s television show that was popular when she was growing up. But more than that, it was an intuition that being a lawyer was what she wanted to be when she grew up.

“My mother still has a picture of me from Girl Scouts Career Day,” says Michelle laughing as she told the story. “Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be a lawyer and that day, I wore a business suit and carried my mom’s briefcase.”

Michelle didn’t take the straight path to becoming a lawyer; first she took a detour into engineering. “I’ve always been good at math and science which led me to be an engineer but when it came time for my next promotion I had to decide if I was going to take it or follow my passion,” she said.

She followed her passion, alright, rising to Member in Dickinson Wright’s Detroit office where she focuses her practice on business torts, commercial & business litigation, construction litigation, and intellectual property & trade secrets litigation. Michelle loves the chess game of litigation and putting the pieces of the puzzle together. This may mean figuring out how to handle the delicate or emotional side that can seep into a case and helping people to focus on the business or factual side of the case. But Michelle always tries to find the humor and camaraderie in such a demanding job.

“One of my favorite cases was a large litigation case for Ford because it involved a large litigation team,” she says as we chat in her office. “The best part was the team we assembled for the case and despite the long hours together we had a lot of good times and memories. It is always fun when you see a team come together and years later you can still run into them in the hall and exchange inside jokes from the cases you’ve worked together.”

That camaraderie, dedication, and passion spills over into Michelle’s life outside of work in the form of triathlons. That’s right, when Michelle is not spending hours working a job she loves, she is running, biking and swimming to train for her next event.

“For 2013, I have a half IRONMAN® marathon in the plans. Barring injury, it may be a full IRONMAN® marathon for 2014,” she says laughing at the possible lunacy of her goals. But then again, this is an attorney that took inspiration from a 1980s television show to become a leader in the legal field.

To learn more about Michelle Alamo and her practice, click on her biography here.