Wednesday, June 19, 2013

DW Women in Law Profile – Leslie Calhoun

Attorney Leslie Calhoun is a people person. She enjoys interacting with people on a day-to-day basis and when she can help people to navigate tough legal situations – everybody wins.

“I was recruited out of law school by Dickinson Wright and I’ve enjoyed being here ever since,” says Leslie as we talked about her work and her life. “I wanted to be a lawyer because I enjoy interacting with people and assisting them in navigating challenging situations. I found that, for me, being a lawyer is a great way of doing what I enjoy.”

That enjoyment comes from the complexity of her work. Leslie is a Member in the firm’s Detroit office where she focuses her practice in the areas of commercial & business litigation, appellate, product liability & personal injury, and schools & educational institutions. For her, the cases can be like putting together a puzzle for her clients.

“Researching a certain aspect of the law can be like solving a puzzle,” says Leslie. “It’s very satisfying. Of course, like all good puzzles, there can be surprises, but this is what keeps my job fresh and interesting.”

Over her 9 years of working at Dickinson Wright, Leslie can’t pick out her favorite case to work on, because there are too many good ones to choose from. One that stands out in her memory, though, is a case involving a family in Boston and their child’s private school. The family chose to file a lawsuit against the school for discrimination and other claims. The case was a success for the clients, and made a big impact on their lives.

This all ties back to Leslie’s desire to help and interact with people through the law. The idea that one decision in the courts can impact a family’s life, positively, helps in the day-to-day grind of being a lawyer.

When she is not putting the pieces of a legal puzzle together for her clients, Leslie enjoys mountain biking and hiking and she is also a potter and tile maker. But what she enjoys most when she is not working is spending quality time with her family. “I love hanging out with my husband and our two sweet sons, ages 1 and 2; it’s always an adventure!” she says as we wrap up our conversation.

To learn more about Leslie and her practice, read her full bio here.