Friday, November 1, 2013

A Moment with Dickinson Wright Attorney Lindsay DeMoss

Attorney Lindsay DeMoss grew up surrounded by lawyers – her parents and other relatives – so it is not that big of a surprise that she would go into the family business. Lindsay is Of Counsel in Dickinson Wright’s Detroit office where she focuses her practice on automotive litigation, product liability & personal injury, and commercial & business litigation.

“I absolutely love being a lawyer,” says Lindsay. “I can’t imagine doing anything else as a profession.”

Lindsay joined Dickinson Wright shortly after passing the bar to be closer to her family and friends. She found, particularly early in her career, that being a female in a male-dominated profession presents itself with unique challenges.

“I felt that I was not always taken as seriously as my male colleagues and sometimes had to work a bit harder to earn the respect of more senior attorneys,” says Lindsay. “That said, in retrospect, I think this may have worked to my advantage in the long term because I decided to put in the extra time and effort. That decision helped me not only to gain the respect of my colleagues, but also made me stand out to the client.”

Recently, Lindsay was named the Pro Bono Attorney of the Year by the Legal Aid and Defender Association. She will be honored along with the other honorees at the 2013 Laddy’s Pro Bono Awards in November. One of her pro bono matters, with Dickinson Wright’s Nashville office, involving the appeal of an inmate’s sentence to death row is one of her favorite cases. “This case was my first opportunity to work outside the realm of civil litigation,” says Lindsay. “It was nice to experience a different area of law.”

As with all lawyers, Lindsay is learning to branch out into different practice areas as her practice grows and evolves. Currently, she is working on a customs dispute for a client. It’s a new area of law for her, but according to her, it is certainly interesting to learn the level of detail and unique considerations that companies must evaluate prior to importing and exporting goods.

When Lindsay is not busy working on cases or her pro bono matters, she likes to spend her free time with family and friends. They will get together outdoors doing things like taking their dogs to the park or to the family’s lake house. “This summer, the majority of my weekends were spent at the beach – I can’t really complain,” says Lindsay.

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